2009-2010 Year Two Materials - Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

2009-2010 Year Two Materials

Course Syllabus

Core and More Syllabus (PDF)

Module Seven: Alignment

Intro to Alignment PowerPoint (PDF)

Module Eight: Characteristics of Effective I

CEI PowerPoint (PPT)
ICC Roll-Out (DOC)

Challenge of Change Leadership (PDF)
New Heroes of Teaching (PDF)

CEI Activity:
Answers CEI (XLS)
Assessment for Learning #2 (XLS)
Rigorous & Relevant Classrooms #2 (XLS)
Student Centered Classrooms #2 (XLS)
Teaching for Learner Differences #2 (XLS)
Teaching for Understanding #2 (XLS)

Module Nine: Assessemnt

Assessment for Learning (PDF)
21st Century Skills Graphic (PDF)

Module Ten: Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning (PPT)
Self Study Implementation Plan Handbook (PDF)


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