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Brain Injury Resource Team

Mississippi Bend AEA’s Brain Injury (BI) Resource Team provides consultation to building-level teams for planning and delivery of educational services for students who have experienced an acquired brain injury.  BI team members provide support by serving as a liaison between physicians and schools, assisting with transitions/return to school after an injury, reviewing records, observing students, and consulting with building teams, including parents, to assist in developing individualized recommendations and accommodations in order to optimize achievement for students impacted by a brain injury.  Because brain injuries are highly variable, the team is available for on-going support as individuals with brain injuries progress through a school system.  The BI team also maintains a resource of current literature and services available to building team, students, and families.

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Mississippi Bend AEA Brain Injury Resource Team

Sue Wood - Lead Contact
School Psychologist
Phone: 563-344-6387



Pamela Anderson
Speech Language Pathologist

Kris Vollbeer
School Psychologist

Darcie Randleman
School Psychologist 


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