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The purpose of the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency School Psychology Department is to enhance all children's academic, behavioral and social-emotional growth and well-being by providing a broad range of psychological health services to individuals, groups, families and systems in a professional and caring manner.

Who are School Psychologists?

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency School psychologists are specialists in child growth and development. They possess knowledge of the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children and understand the methods and procedures in education. They apply the science of psychology to the problems children experience in school or at home.

School Psychologists are members of the school multidisciplinary team. This team is comprised of a group of professionals who consult with each other and make decisions about students in an attempt to best meet their educational needs. A multidisciplinary team includes both district and Mississippi Bend AEA professionals as well as the student's parent(s). Other AEA team members include educational consultants, school social workers, speech/language pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

What services do School Psychologists provide?

Using a solution focused approach, School Psychologists work with Mississippi Bend AEA team members, parents, teachers and other school personnel to meet students' needs. School Psychologists provide both indirect and direct services to students and families.

Specifically, School Psychologists provide consultation services to parents and school personnel to explore solutions and generate interventions for students. They work closely with other Mississippi Bend AEA and district team members to plan interventions for students and monitor their progress toward goals. If initial interventions prove unsuccessful, multidisciplinary team members may decide that an evaluation of a student is necessary. School Psychologists can evaluate students in the areas of intelligence, academic functioning, perceptual-motor functioning, behavior and personal adjustment.

Many School Psychologists provide counseling for students and/or parents either individually or in groups. School Psychologists can also provide inservice training and parent education in the areas of self-esteem, parenting skills, special education, behavior management, child development and other related topics. Several Mississippi Bend AEA School Psychologists have done individual research on common childhood problems in order to provide insight and intervention recommendations for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Who receives services from School Psychologists?

Children from birth through age twenty-one who are having developmental, learning, behavioral or emotional problems may receive services from School Psychologists. Many services are also available to meet the needs of parents, teachers and other school personnel.


Where do School Psychologists work?

Mississippi Bend AEA School Psychologists work in schools on a regularly scheduled basis. They are assigned to all public and approved non-public schools in our six-county area. The overall psychologist-to-student ratio for each school year is approximately one psychologist per 1,200 students.

What are the qualifications of School Psychologists?

To work in Iowa, School Psychologists must be licensed by the Board of Educational Examiners. The minimum requirement for licensure is a 60-hour Master's degree including a practicum in the schools. Many Mississippi Bend AEA School Psychologists have more advanced degrees and specialized training in a variety of areas. School Psychologists adhere to the professional standards and Code of Ethics of the National Association of School Psychologists and the American Psychological Association.




Mary Cashman 
Coordinator of Service Sector II
Phone: 563-344-6260 

Sally Christophersen 
Coordinator's Secretary
Phone: 563-344-6231

Michele Martin
Sector II Head/School Psychology Dept. Head
Phone: 563-344-6223



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