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Strategic Management & Evaluation

The purpose of the Strategic Management & Evaluation Platform of the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, as an advocate for internal and external customers, is to provide quality leadership, services and resources through proactive communication partnerships and support. It also facilitates the development of district service plans and an accountability system as well as identifying, obtaining and administrating funding for educational research and service activities.

Coats for Kids
Conflict Resolution
Coop Purchasing
Environmental Services
Financial Accounting
Funding Resources
Genesis Health Screen
Human Resources
Organizational Planning
Learning Center
Legal Cooperative
Technology & Print Services
Van Delivery Schedule
Web Links
Wellness Area: Healthy Bytes
Application for Employment: Licensed Staff
Application for Employment: Classified Staff


Edward C. Gronlund 
Director oF Strategic Management & Evaluation
Phone: 563-344-6315
Leigh Thompson
Director's Secretary
Phone: 563-344-6319
Paula Carter
Business Manager
Phone: 563-344-6420
Dawn M. Meier
Human Resource Specialist
Phone: 563-344-6411
Joe Coon
Coordinator of Information Technology
and Print Services
Phone: 563-344-6475
Whitney Smith-Bringolf
Communication Facilitator
Phone: 563-344-6403

Joy L. Huffman 
Head Of Techology
Phone: 563-344-6337

Denise A. Zimmer
Head of Environmental & Facility Services
Phone: 563-344-6320

Data Collection & Support Services
Web- and paper-based surveys and results are available in different formats to assist schools and districts in data-driven decisions. Examples - ITBS/ITED results, demographics, Student Assessments, APR data.

Jeffrey Hoskins 
Data Formatting Specialist
Phone: 563-344-6372


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