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Needs Assessment

Spring 2014 Statewide AEA Customer Satisfaction Survey
Spring 2013 Statewide AEA Customer Satisfaction Survey
Spring 2012 Statewide AEA Customer Satisfaction Survey
AEA Compact
Superintendents' Advisory
Curriculum Directors' Advisory
Principal Advisory Council
Teacher Advisory
Staff Development Advisory Council
Media Advisory
School Technology Committee
Parent and Educator Steering Committee
Counselor Academy
Equity Committee


Comprehensive Improvement Plan (CIP) 2011-2016
Annual Progress Reports
AEA Program & Goal Alignment
AEA Standard & Goal Alignment
AEA School & Community Planning Assistance
AEA Professional Development Assistance
AEA Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Assistance
AEA Diverse Learner Assistance
AEA Multicultural Gender Fair Assistance
AEA Media Services Assistance
AEA School Technology Assistance
AEA Leadership Assistance

Action Plans

CIP Strategy: Focusing on Improved Teaching and Learning
CIP Strategy: Investing in Learning
CIP Strategy: Delivering Highly Specialized Services
CIP Strategy: Building Capacity & Expertise
Focusing on Literacy
Focusing on Numeracy
Focusing on Student Engagement
Focusing on Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Programs & Services

01. Collaborative Partnerships Artifacts
02. Diverse Learners Artifacts
03. Early Childhood Artifacts
04. Executive Leadership Artifacts
05. Focus Area Artifacts
06. Leadership Artifacts
07. Quality Learning Artifacts
08. Management Services Artifacts

2015 Accreditation Self-Study

Comprehensive Improvement Plan (CIP) 2011-2016
Annual Progress Reports
Vocabulary & Acronyms
AEA Professional Development Catalog
AEA Budget
AEA Site Visit Agenda

Technical Assistance Documents

MCGF Education Artifacts
Diverse Learners - TAG & Education Artifacts
English Language Learners Artifacts
Harassment (Bullying & Hazing) Artifacts
Diversity Training for Educators Artifacts


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