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Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency developed a strategic five-year (2011-2016) Comprehensive Improvement Plan.  The Plan is designed to achieve the Agency’s three student learning goals, accomplish the Agency’s teaching and learning mission, and adhere to the Iowa Code mandated AEA Standards of Service, Iowa Code §281—72.4. The Plan will be operationalized through four connected action plans. These four connected action plans reflect an inclusive approach to successfully meet the needs of schools, school districts, customers, and other stakeholders.

The Agency has established four Building Blocks and corresponding action plans have been designed for each Building Block. These Building Blocks were identified through an extensive exploratory process.  The process included consulting support by national and international education experts, a review of literature and research, input from internal and external stakeholders, and the alignment of actions to goals, mission, and Iowa Code AEA mandates. 

Focusing on teaching and learning was established to improve student performance outcomes through active partnerships that increase low socioeconomic, minority, and students with disabilities subgroup reading, mathematics, and science performance and achievement.  The strategy is to assist schools and school districts with implementing effective instructional practices, developing leadership skills, and enhancing media and technology utilization to meet their needs.

Actions:  (2011-2016)

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