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AEA Standard for Service – Iowa Code §281—72.4(3)

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency‘s (Agency) mission is to improve teaching and learning for all students through active partnerships and assertive leadership in a climate of mutual respect.  In partnership with the schools and school districts served by the Agency, the Agency established three student learning goals (reading, mathematics, and science), in 2000, to address the needs of schools and school districts.  These goals reflect a pledge to co-own the regional teaching and learning outcomes and the need to close the substantial achievement gaps among the low socioeconomic, minority, and special education subgroups. 

The Agency’s programs include the following services aligned to the Agency’s goals and area education agency curriculum, instruction, and assessment standard for service:

  • Assist educators (including school leaders) with the design and implementation of an effective multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) which includes a strong universal tier meeting the needs of diverse learners supported by equally effective targeted and intensive tiers.
  • Deliver reading, language arts, mathematics, and science curriculum, instruction, and assessment development and implementation assistance.
  • Deliver Iowa Core English/Language Arts and Mathematics training to develop rigorous curriculum so that students are competitive within the global economy.
  • Deliver literacy supports for Iowa Code §279.68 and 281—Iowa Administrative Code 62 to all K-3 elementary school sites.
  • Deliver Science training to develop rigorous curriculum so that students are competitive within the global economy.
  • Deliver training to schools and school districts to develop and sustain effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices through specialized expertise, high quality professional development, coaching, and collaborative data-teams.
  • Deliver curriculum supports for gifted and talented, global education, guidance counselors, health education, music education, physical education, social studies, career and technical education, and English language learner programs.
  • Embed collaborative Agency teams within schools to meet the ongoing literacy, numeracy, student engagement, and multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) needs of educators to co-own the teaching and learning outcomes and continuously meet educator teaching and learning needs.
  • Facilitate leadership networking to coordinate and develop AEA services to meet curriculum, instruction, and assessment needs.
  • Facilitate leadership to support comprehensive school improvement.
  • Facilitate leadership to address the needs of all educators to continually improve teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate leadership to achieve improved teaching and learning and reach the Agency’s goals.
  • Partner with educators and families to select research or evidenced-based practices to meet the diverse learning needs of students and children. 
  • Partner with the Iowa Reading Research Center to disseminate highly effective literacy practices.
  • Support curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices that facilitate data-driven decision-making practices to meet the learning needs of all students and children. 
  • Support the development of curriculum leaders.
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