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AEA Standard for Service – Iowa Code §281—72.4(4)

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency‘s (Agency) mission is to improve teaching and learning for all students through active partnerships and assertive leadership in a climate of mutual respect.  In partnership with the schools and school districts served by the Agency, the Agency established three student learning goals (reading, mathematics, and science), in 2000, to address the needs of schools and school districts.  These goals reflect a pledge to co-own the regional teaching and learning outcomes and the need to close the substantial achievement gaps among the low socioeconomic, minority, and special education subgroups. 

The Agency’s programs include the following services aligned to the Agency’s goals and area education agency diverse learner standard for service:

  • Assist educators (including school leaders) with the design and implementation of an effective multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) which includes a strong universal tier meeting the needs of diverse learners supported by equally effective targeted and intensive tiers.
  • Deliver highly specialized special education services to comply with 281—Iowa Administrative Code 41. The federal and state expectations include Child Find support services, direct services, and specialty areas for K-12 and early childhood.
  • Facilitate talented and gifted supports for teachers and assist schools and school districts with ongoing assistance to develop and/or sustain quality gifted programs.
  • Facilitate strategies that deliver a robust universal instruction for all learners.
  • Facilitate English Language Learner supports for teachers and assist schools and school districts with ongoing assistance to develop and/or sustain quality programs.  The Agency facilitates a Title III grant to increase English proficiency by supporting scientifically based research practices and supporting the implementation of high-quality professional development for teachers, principals, administrators, and other school and community-based organizational personnel.
  • Support programs to address student behavior to assist schools and school districts with the development of learning environments that are conducive to effective teaching and student learning.
  • Support leadership development to:
    • Address general and special education needs as well as talented and gifted, at-risk, English language learners.
    • Continually improve special education programs within schools and school districts.
    • Continually assess the effectiveness of special education programs to ensure federal and state compliance.
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