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AEA Standard for Service – Iowa Code §281—72.4(6)

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency‘s (Agency) mission is to improve teaching and learning for all students through active partnerships and assertive leadership in a climate of mutual respect.  In partnership with the schools and school districts served by the Agency, the Agency established three student learning goals (reading, mathematics, and science), in 2000, to address the needs of schools and school districts.  These goals reflect a pledge to co-own the regional teaching and learning outcomes and the need to close the substantial achievement gaps among the low socioeconomic, minority, and special education subgroups. 

The Agency’s programs include the following services aligned to the Agency’s goals and area education agency media standard for service:

  • Facilitate the identification of effective media services that supports school and school district school improvement strategies.
  • Integrate media resources within curriculum, instruction, and assessment services to provide educators with training and modelling within a classroom setting.
  • Provide media services to schools and school districts
    • AV Equipment  
    • Curriculum Lab
    • Educator online searches  
    • Educator Search Requests
    • K-12 Assessments
    • K-12 Big Books 
    • K-12 Books
    • K-12 CD ROMs 
    • K-12 DVDs
    • K-12 Media Kits  
    • K-12 Recorded Books
    • K-12 Set Books  
    • K-12 Videos 
    • Online Catalog
    • Online Catalog Delivery 
    • Professional Books
    • Professional Journals
    • Professional Videos
    • WebMax video streaming
    • Iowa AEA Online Searching
    • Iowa AEA Online Retrievals 
    • Printing Impressions
  • Provide media services to early childhood programs.
  • Provide media assistance to preschool programs and including community-based preschools.
  • Provide specialized support for school and school district teacher librarians.
  • Provide a teacher librarian academy for teacher librarians to receive in-service on the latest media innovations and participate in specific professional development opportunities.
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