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AEA Standard for Service – Iowa Code §281—72.4(2)

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency‘s (Agency) mission is to improve teaching and learning for all students through active partnerships and assertive leadership in a climate of mutual respect.  In partnership with the schools and school districts served by the Agency, the Agency established three student learning goals (reading, mathematics, and science), in 2000, to address the needs of schools and school districts.  These goals reflect a pledge to co-own the regional teaching and learning outcomes and the need to close the substantial achievement gaps among the low socioeconomic, minority, and special education subgroups. 

The Agency deploys advisories to anticipate and respond to schools’ and school districts’ professional learning needs.  The Agency continually strives to support proven and emerging educational practices that are aligned to the comprehensive long-range and annual improvement goals of schools and school districts. 

The Agency’s programs include the following services aligned to the Agency’s goals and area education agency professional development standard for service:

  • Conduct ongoing needs assessment to anticipate and respond to school and school district teaching and learning needs.
  • Provide school leaders with strategic planning opportunities and networks to establish shared direction, implementing actions to meet goals, and reporting progress toward goals.
  • Deliver Iowa Core curriculum, instruction, and assessment training, modelling, and coaching.
  • Deliver specific leadership training for principals, central office administrators, and superintendents.
  • Deliver a multitude of staff development offerings and collaborate with AEA Online to increase educator learning opportunities.
  • Deliver specialized professional development training on-site matched to a school’s or district’s local school improvement plan.
  • Integrate AEA staff into a local school’s or district professional development learning so that the Agency can effectively enhance the implementation and sustainability of local school improvement efforts.
  • Facilitate teacher leadership established by Division VII of House File 215, the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System.
  • Facilitates and develops professional development trainings, workshops, and classes that comply with the Iowa Professional Development Model and effective use of adult learning theory.  The professional development may include onsite coaching and collaborative data team support such as Professional Learning Communities. 
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