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Purpose:  To stimulate learning that leads to impactful leadership reflected in everyday practices. 

Facilitator:  Nicole Peterson, Coordinator of Teacher Leadership

Members:  Chad Steimle (JFK), Chuck Weibenga (Camanche), Christine Meyer (Cal-Wheat), Christine Snell (Maquoketa), David Larson (Bennett), Tony Hiatt (Pleasant Valley), Jim Wichman (Central), Kelly Rohlf (North Scott), Lisa Stevenson (Bettendorf), Neil Gray (Camanche), Patty Schmidt (Easton Valley), TJ Schneckloth (Davenport), Tony Neumann (Durant)

Summary of Advisory Activities
2014-2015 2013-2014

February 2015
December 2014 
October 2014

June 2014
April 2014
February 2014
December 2013





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