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Purpose:  To provide quality learning experiences for educators, support staff, parents, and community members to increase their knowledge and skills to positively impact student learning. 

Facilitator:  Nancy McIntire, Coordinator of Quality Learning

Membership:  The Staff Development Advisory Council is a collaboration between Mississippi Bend AEA, Drake University, and district staff. 

Members:  Nancy McIntire (MBAEA), April Crowder (Bennett), Betsy Justis (MBAEA), Beverly Downey (MBAEA), Chuck Sengstock (Drake University), Christine Meyer (Cal-Wheat), David Larson (Bennett), Denise Austin (Wilton), Diane Schumacher (Northeast), Faith Koger (MBAEA), Gabrielle Bugenhagen (West Liberty), Jill Eberhart (Delwood), Jeni Laughlin (Columbus), John Jogensen (Clinton), Jennifer Spray (MBAEA), Juli Staszewski (Davenport), Michael Raso (Bettendorf), Patty Schmidt (Easton Valley), Robert Reppert (MBAEA), Sally Rigeman (Drake University), Stacy Peterson (Louisa-Muscatine), Michelle Stevens (Davenport), Brian Strusz (Pleasant Valley), Sue Goodall (Delwood), Sue Kane (North Scott), Terry Thorpe (Drake University), Melissa Trimble (Davenport), Vicki Vernon (West Liberty) 

Summary of Advisory Activities:
2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013
February 2015
October 2014 
April 2014
October 2013
April 2013
October 2012
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