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Regional subgroup student performance in reading, mathematics and science:

Iowa Assessment Data 2012-2013

25.8% Students with disabilities subgroup reading performance
35.8% Students with disabilities subgroup math performance
41.0% Students with disabilities subgroup science performance

55.5% Minority student subgroup reading performance
59.5% Minority student subgroup science performance
59.8% Minority student subgroup math performance

56.7% Low socioeconomic student subgroup reading performance
62.0% Low socioeconomic student subgroup math performance
62.6% Low socioeconomic student subgroup science performance


70.0% All students reading performance
75.0% All students mathematics performance
75.0% All students science performance

Iowa’s accountability measure, Iowa Tests, provide evidence of subgroup achievement gaps. Students with disabilities, minority subgroup, and low socioeconomic subgroup are underperforming in reading, mathematics, and science.

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