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The purpose of the Management Program is to provide public schools, accredited non-public schools, and school districts with efficiencies through regional cooperatives, information management assistance, and student programs.  The delivered services include:  assisting schools and school districts with effective communication techniques; facilitating cooperatives to create resource efficiencies; delivering specialized information technology and print such as internet access to 19 school districts, graphic artist, and print resources; and extending student learning opportunities through regional student events.  The services are delivered by specialized staff and/or purchasing necessary resources. 

Primary Contacts

Dr. Edward Gronlund
Executive Director
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6315

Leigh Thompson
Director's Secretary
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6319

Dr. Anne Budde
Coordinator of Student Programs
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6449

Jody Bailey
Administrative Assistant
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6416

Judy Tray
Administrative Assistant
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6575

Joe Coon
Coordinator of Information Technology & Print Services
Bettendorf Service Center
(563 344-6475

Jenna Lehman
Administrative Assistant
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6310

Joy Huffman
Head of Technology
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6337

Denise Zimmer
Head of Environmental & Facility Services
Bettendorf Service Center
(563) 344-6320

Program Services

The following services are provided to schools and school districts:

  • Communications
    • Communication Audits and Plans
    • Communications
    • “Communicator”
    • Cooperatives
    • Coats for Kids Program
  • Cooperative Purchasing – Iowa Educators Consortium
  • Legal Cooperative
  • Environmental Services
    • Environmental Consultation
    • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Information Technology
    • Computer Repair Service
    • Email
    • Engraving
    • Graphic Arts Services
    • Homepage
    • ID Badges
    • Learning Center
    • Network Wide Area/Local Area
    • Print/Graphics/Desktop Publishing
    • Spiral Binding
    • Technology Coordinators
    • Van Delivery
    • Web, Email & Calendar Hosting
    • Web Page
    • Wide Area Network/Local Area Network Support
  • Student Programs
    • Regional Student Activities
    • Driver Education Program
    • Home School Assistance Program
    • Home School Testing
  • Juvenile Detention Center School

Service Descriptions

Outcomes (Effectiveness)

The Management Program is monitored and evaluated through its program outcomes, program data, participant surveys and evaluation feedback, and regional needs assessment feedback.  The program is also evaluated by program users and AEA administrators.

Program Outcomes

  • Schools and school districts have resource efficiencies that maximize their funding and teaching and/or learning resources.

Program Feedback

  • Program data collected, analyzed, and evaluated by program users and AEA administrators.
  • Teachers participate in annual advisory meetings providing specific AEA service feedback.
  • Profile of services data are gathered and monitored annually to ensure schools and school districts have equitable availability of AEA services.


An expectation of area education agencies is to support and provide educational efficiencies within a statewide education system.  AEAs, in Iowa, were established, in 1974, to provide such resource efficiencies.  Collaborative Partnerships provide the following education system efficiencies:

  • Access to cost efficient services through cooperatives
  • Access to management services to reduce supervisory costs
  • Access to technology to reduce local school and school district costs

Resource Allocation

  • 10% of Human Resources
  • 44 AEA Staff Members
    • 4 Leaders
    • 6 Field Staff
    • 34 Support Staff (includes Conference Center Staff, Hearing Interpreters, Network Technicians, and Custodians)


Participation:  (Equitable Availability of Services)

All public schools, accredited non-public schools, and school districts participate in management services.

Alignment to the Agency’s Reading, Mathematics, and Science Goals

Management services facilitate the delivery of AEA services to schools and school districts that create efficiencies so that more school and school district resources are available to support closing the achievement gaps and improving reading, mathematics, and science student performance.

Alignment of AEA Standards for Service

Management services address the following AEA Standards of Services:

281—72.4(1) School and Community Planning
281—72.4(2) Professional Development
281—72.4(3) Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
281—72.4(4) Diverse Learner Needs
281—72.4(5) Multicultural Gender Fair
281—72.4(7) School Technology
281—72.4(8) Leadership
281—72.4(9) Management

Standard Alignment Document

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