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Conflict Resolution

What is Conflict Resolution?

Conflict Resolution is a private, confidential, cooperative and voluntary process in which an impartial team helps individuals resolve and settle issues. Conflict Resolution is a way to structure a meeting so communication is easier and issues can be resolved in a constructive way.

Why choose Conflict Resolution?

Mediation is a non-threatening opportunity to search for future solutions, not to blame anyone for past difficulties. Mediation is a positive, practical, effective way to resolve issues.

What is the role of the Conflict Resolution Team?

The Conflict resolution Team is neutral. The Conflict Resolution Team's role is to assist and help participants reach their own settlement or agreement. The Conflict Resolution Team does not give legal advice, nor will they make decisions about right or wrong solutions, nor tell participants what to do.

Who may utilize Conflict Resolution?

Conflict Resolution is a service provided by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency at no cost to Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency staff members, LEA staff members, parents and other appropriate parties.

If you are interested in the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agencies Conflict Resolution Services contact:

Dawn Meier
Human Resource Specialist

Contacts by District:

Mark Bloom
(Andrew, Bellevue, Cal-Wheat, Camanche, Central DeWitt, Clinton, Delwood, Easton Valley, Maquoketa, Northeast) 

Diane Campbell
(Bettendorf, Bennett, Columbus, Davenport, Louisa-Muscatine, Pleasant Valley, North Scott, West Liberty) 

Nicole Brown
Phone: 563-344-6487

Mary Shihadeh
(Durant, Wilton) 

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