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Transition Strategies and Work Incentives Workshop

On Tuesday, October 27, 2009, at 6:00 p.m., the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is offering a Transition Strategies and Work Incentives Workshop. This workshop is for parents interested in different work incentives for their children receiving Supplemental Security Income. Suzanne (Suzie) Paulson of Iowa Work Incentive Planning and...
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Mississippi Bend AEA Early Childhood Academy 2009-2010

The Mississippi Bend Early Childhood Academy is a series of high quality professional development sessions designed for Early Childhood Educators, including teachers, para-educators, center directors, administrators and other professionals providing early childhood services. Each session aligns to the Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards (QPPS), the (NAEYC) standards and Head Start...
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Second Chance Reading

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency Leads Area Schools in Second Chance Reading Research shows young adults entering post secondary schools and the job market lack the necessary literacy skills to meet demands. The Iowa Department of Education, in conjunction with Dr. Beverly Showers, created a program to provide Iowa teachers...
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Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency Restructures

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is restructuring to better serve Area Nine school districts. The Mississippi Bend AEA is one of ten area education agencies in the state created by the 1974 Iowa Legislature to ensure all children have equal educational opportunities. AEAs serve as intermediate units providing...
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Scott County Regional Authority Helps Keep Local Kids Warm

There are very few things that make an immediate and positive impact on a child’s life. Warm winter coats support the physical, social and emotional needs of students. A winter coat not only keeps the child warm, but helps keep the child healthy, in school, and allows the child to...
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Data Driven Instruction Fosters Relationships

Students enter the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center School, administered by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, at a chaotic time in their lives. The teachers there know the conventional method of assessing an incoming student’s learning levels and then assigning appropriate grade level work does not often lead to...
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Instructional Decision-Making

The Iowa Department of Education supports and advocates that schools and school districts adopt an instructional decision-making process. The Department has developed an instructional decision-making framework. The key features are: a) “each student has access to, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of, a guaranteed and viable curriculum...
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eWalk Software

A 2007 grant from the Department of Education provided Area Education Agencies (AEAs) the opportunity to participate in the implementation of eWalk software. eWalk is used to record data during classroom walk-throughs. The data is captured on a palm pilot during a two-to-five minute walk-through then transferred to the eWalk...
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Accelerating Student Achievement Pilot (ASAP) Update - February 10, 2009

Accelerating Student Achievement Pilot (ASAP) is a Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) service delivery restructuring effort to improve teaching and learning. ASAP is a partnership strategy aligning Mississippi Bend AEA resources to the school’s efforts to improve teaching and learning. ASAP, conceptually, is aligned Mississippi Bend AEA services delivered...
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