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As the educational system changes and classroom sizes grow, the need for paraeducators is increasingly more important. A paraeducator is an employee who works under the supervision of teachers or other licensed personnel. The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) utilizes paraeducators in both the Area Nine Shelter School and...
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Non- Violent Crisis Intervention

Non-violent Crisis Intervention Renewal certification must be updated every year for school building employees. It’s difficult to predict exactly how people might respond if someone in their care became disruptive or assualtive. Yet, human service providers face challenging behavior and potentially dangerous situations every day. How someone responds greatly determines...
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The Iowa School Microsoft Settlement application process will begin in April 2009

The Iowa School Microsoft Settlement application process will begin in April 2009. The Iowa School Microsoft Settlement program is the result of the 2007 settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by Iowa consumers and businesses concerning certain Microsoft software. According to the settlement, Iowa schools would receive a portion of...
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Assessment is NOT a Dirty Word

The word assessment has been getting a lot of attention in the education arena, particularly since the onset of the NCLB legislation. Results of high stakes tests have labeled and mislabeled students, schools, and even districts as high or low achieving based upon the results of such tests. Educators, parents,...
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Perkins Grant Consortia

Recently, Congress reauthorized the Perkins Act. Perkins funding supports the development and implementation of effective career and technical education programs. Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is working with local high schools and the Eastern Iowa Community College District to develop five-year Perkins grant applications. Mississippi Bend AEA currently facilitates...
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Iowa Core Curriculum Leadership Development Series

On May 1, 2008, Governor Chet Culver signed Senate File requiring full implementation of the Core Curriculum in Iowa high schools by June 1, 2012 and Kindergarten through grade eight by 2014-15. The purpose of the Iowa Core Curriculum is to impact student achievement by enhancing teaching, instructional content and...
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Kids Need Your Gently Used Winter Coats

There are very few things that make an immediate and positive impact on a child’s life. Having a warm winter coat not only keeps the child warm, but helps keep the child healthy, in school, and allows the child to play outside with other students. Warm winter coats support the...
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NCLB: Is it Working?

The Center on Educational Policy has released reports on every state in the United States questioning if student achievement really has improved since 2002 when No Child Left Behind was implemented. According to their reports from 2004 - 2007 Iowa students in elementary and middle school have made "moderate to...
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