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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 5) February 9, 2007

Growth Factor Moving Toward Completion The Iowa Senate this week passed a four percent school growth factor for the 2008-09 school year. The House Education Committee also accepted and sent to the House floor the 4% figure and is expected to be passed by the full house next week. The...
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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 4) February 2, 2007

Governor Submits Budget Governor Chet Culver presented his budget recommendations to a joint convention of the General Session on Tuesday of this past week. It is important to remember that the Governors’ budget is built partially on an assumption of an increase in the cigarette tax to $1.00. Therefore any...
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Iowa Leadership Academy: Overview of Principals Center Summer Institute, June 20-22, 2007

The video below provides an overview of the content, presenters, application processes, and requirements of Iowa principals and assistant principals interested in participating in this statewide leadership development opportunity. A flyer is also attached. Applications materials will be available online February 9, 2007 at the SAI website . Interested...
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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 3) January 26, 2007

Antibullying Bill Passes Education Committees The Senate and House education committees passed legislation this week to require Iowa school districts to adopt antibullying policies by Sept. 1. The bills establish a minimum standard in schools to shield elementary and secondary school children from conduct based on any actual or perceived...
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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 2) January 19, 2007

AEA Funding Bills SSB 1024 and HSB 11 are identical bills submitted by the Department of Education and pertain to the issue of AEA funding. The way the bill has been drafted is somewhat misleading as it leaves the impression that all AEA cuts in the past are restored. The...
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High School Redesign

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency High School Redesign Team will host three sessions in February and April, to assist high schools in preparing students with 21st Century skills. The team, lead by former building principal, Roger Roskens, includes Linda Mannhardt, Sally Rigeman, Margaret VanFossen and Cindy Winckler. They have...
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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

All children have a right to feel safe in school. Every student should feel like there is at least one adult in school that they can turn to in a time of need. More than any other place in the community, schools should provide a safe haven for all students....
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Area Education Agencies Provide Support For Improved Student Reading

Across the state of Iowa, there are many efforts underway to help students be better readers. The eleven AEA’s, including the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA), across Iowa are working with the Iowa Department of Education to support improved reading K-12 for all students. The major areas are: Elementary...
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Kansas University Learning Strategies

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) offers training on the Kansas University Learning Strategies which are designed to help low achieving students learn "how to learn" and be able to find academic success with grade level curriculum. These strategies have been researched for over twenty years and over 55...
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