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Accelerating Student Achievement Pilot (ASAP)

July 31, 2007

Accelerating Student Achievement Pilot (ASAP) is the initial phase of the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency's (AEA) effort to restructure its services to meet the teaching and learning needs of area schools and school districts.

Recent trend data indicated that student achievement has been improving; however, the rate of improvement has been unsatisfactory. The Mississippi Bend AEA Board and leadership carefully studied needs assessment data. If student achievement targets by all schools and districts were to be met, service restructure was needed.

The ASAP strategy is a two-fold action plan, which includes partnering with area building principals to:

1. Maximize the utilization of Mississippi Bend AEA staff expertise and resources to implement the building level school improvement plan

2. Assist principals in the "change process" that aligns the system of instruction, assessment, and curriculum implementation with current student learning needs.

The strategy is being piloted through a new position titled Service Facilitator. The pilot has begun in six area schools to test the design. Additional schools will be added in the near future as the design produces its intended results.

The new structure will be composed of a service coordinator, who will make sure that AEA services are delivered to districts: a service facilitator, who is in charge of making sure that AEA services are delivered to each building, and service provider, who is responsible for personally providing services. The four service coordinators are: Tete

Long - Sector I, Mary Cashman - Sector II, JoAnne Dixson - Sector III, and Trampus Budde - Sector IV.

ASAP is starting out in six area schools for the 2007-2008 school year, Schools include: Wood Intermediate in Davenport, Durant, McKinley in Davenport, North Scott Jr. High, Bettendorf High, and Wilton. Additional schools are anticipated to join the project in 2008 - 2009 school year.

This restructuring will make everyone more certain of what services are offered by the AEA, who will deliver the services, when they are available, and how to access them. It will make sure that people who are fully trained to deal with specific situations will be the ones helping. This in turn will accelerate student achievement and increase the accountability for results.

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