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Accelerating Student Achievement Pilot - Update

March 28, 2007

ASAP has been developed to more fully focus Agency resources on improved student achievement.

The Pilot is moving steadily ahead. Hopefully you were able to attend one of the informational meetings. If you were unable to attend, but would like more information, go to the Employee Section of our website at and find the powerpoint. If you have questions email: and we’ll send answers!

Right now the focus is on the selection process, both for new positions and schools.

The Service Coordinator positions have been posted, both internally and externally. Applications will be reviewed beginning April 16, and interviews will take place the week of April 25th. Selections will be made by May 11. The posted General Description reads: The Sector Coordinator of Agency Services is responsible for AEA staff and effective delivery of AEA services to districts that improve student achievement. The Coordinator is directly responsible to and evaluated by the Director of District Direct Services.

The Service Facilitator positions will be posted internally May 1, and applications will be reviewed the week of May 11th. Interviews will take place May 21 through 25 with selections being made by May 31st. The position posting is not yet final, but the General Description currently reads: The Service Facilitator is accountable for effective delivery of all AEA services at the building level that improve student achievement. The Service Facilitator works with area building level administrators and teachers to facilitate systematic change and improved teaching and learning. The facilitator is responsible for aligning Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency services to meet building level teaching and learning needs. He/she is responsible for the leadership and assistance to area building level administrators to ensure high quality, value-added AEA services are provided to schools. The facilitator is expected to be an effective building level change agent and a catalyst for a solution-focused approach to improved teaching and learning.

Service Providers will be selected by June 15th by Sector Coordinators.

The positions described above will be supported by a well-defined and responsive Staff Development Program.

Building applications will be posted this week with an April 20 deadline. They will be selected by April 30th and notified by May 9th. The work with principals from selected buildings will begin in June.

This information is available at the following link:
ASAP Update 03/28/2007

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