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Book scanning services are now available at the AEA.

May 20, 2005

Textbooks can be scanned for 6¢ per page. The multi-page TIF files can be used with Kurzweil, WYNN and Read and Write Gold. For other OCR programs, check the documentation for usability of multi-page TIF files. [NOTE: Kurzweil 3000 users will receive the scanned materials in KESI files].

To begin using this service, complete this form. If you send more than one book to be scanned and the scanning instructions are different for each book, you will need to complete a separate form. Please allow approximately one week for orders of 1-2 books.

NOTE: Each book sent for scanning will have the binding cut to allow use of the document-feeder scanner. The book can be 3-ring punched at the completion of the scanning process for storage in a 3-ring binder. This will allow the book to continue to be used in hard copy form and will provide an additional level of accessibility for students who have difficulty handling the typically bound book. If you would like to have the book 3-ring punched, please specify that on your form. The book(s) will be returned to you (with or without 3-ring punching) along with a CD containing the KESI or multi-page TIF files.

NOTE: If you are interested in providing visual access only to the scanned books (without text reading), the multi-page TIF documents can be viewed in Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

NOTE: For instructions on using WYNN or Read and Write Gold with multi-page TIF files, consult your documentation.

NOTE: Before sending in a large number of books to be scanned, you may want to consider sending one book to try with your OCR and text-reading program.

NOTE: Editing of underlying text (the text that will be read) will still need to be completed by the school.

NOTE: For text-only books (no pictures), check the free and subscription services for downloadable forms from the Internet. Digital forms of your books may already be available. Link to etext resources: Click here for e-Text Resources.

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