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Grant Helps Expand Loan Library Used by Hearing Impaired

February 14, 2011

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) received a $10,000 grant from Riverboat Development Authority (RDA) to expand the assistive device loaner library used by hearing impaired students. The objective of this library is to help provide access to devices that help hearing impaired students become independent learners and increase their access to learning in a regular classroom. A larger inventory allows the AEA to provide services to a greater number of hearing impaired children and their families.

The loaner library provides families the opportunity to find the device that meets their child’s needs before they purchase a supportive device or schools provide an appropriate device. The national economic crisis is impacting area families and schools and; expanding the AEA’s loaner library ensures more families and schools will have quicker access to pilot assistive devices before making costly purchases. The loaner library is made available to hearing impaired students throughout the AEA’s boundaries – approximately 200 students in Scott County alone.

The library supports the Mississippi Bend AEA’s mission to improve teaching and learning. Children with hearing loss have the unique challenges of having limited access to sound in everyday environments; often times having speech and language delays as a result. Given these limitations, children with hearing loss fall behind their normal hearing peers, academically and socially, affecting their ability to achieve success and become active members of our community.

The Mississippi Bend AEA has staff dedicated to ensuring students, parents, and teachers fully understand the devices by providing orientation and professional development as needed; ensuring students receive the full educational benefits of the new devices. If you have any questions about the assistive technology loaner library please contact Stephanie Childers, Audiologist at (563) 344-6279 or or Brian Foy, Assistant Coordinator for Low Incidence Disabilities at (563) 344-6275 or




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