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Instructional Decision Making (IDM) Pilot Program Implemented in Bettendorf and North Scott Schools This Year

January 22, 2007

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is working with local school districts to implement Instructional Decision Making (IDM). IDM focuses on academic and social/behavioral instruction by using data regarding the student's responses to instruction to guide future educational decisions. There are three key guiding principles to IDM.

  1. All students receive curriculum that is guaranteed, viable, rigorous and relevant. Such curriculum includes academic, social, and behavioral learning.
  2. All students receive core instruction, and some students, both those who are high achievers and those who are struggling, also require supplemental instruction and/or intensive instruction.
  3. Assessment data, screening, formative, diagnostic and summative, is required to make good instructional decisions.

IDM is being piloted in the Bettendorf and North Scott districts this school year, focusing on both academic and behavioral issues.

For more information about training on Instructional Decision Making, contact Tete Long, Interim Director of Special Education, 563-344-6201 or 800-947-2329, extension 201.

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