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Iowa Core Curriculum Leadership Development Series

November 20, 2008

On May 1, 2008, Governor Chet Culver signed Senate File requiring full implementation of the Core Curriculum in Iowa high schools by June 1, 2012 and Kindergarten through grade eight by 2014-15.  The purpose of the Iowa Core Curriculum is to impact student achievement by enhancing teaching, instructional content and practices, and assessment. The Iowa Core Curriculum provides direction about essential content, authentic instruction, and authentic assessment for the core content areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and 21st Century Skills. 


Professional development supporting the Iowa Core curriculum is provided by Mississippi Bend Area through the Leadership Development Series. The goal of the Leadership Development Series is to create a statewide Leadership Capacity Building Plan for Action that will provide the foundation necessary for the successful implementation of the Iowa Core Curriculum in each Iowa school district. The six session Leadership Development Series is offered at the Bettendorf Learning Center, the Clinton Service Center, the Muscatine Office, and the Hurstville Interpretive Center at various times throughout the school year.


Ongoing and sustained professional development and leadership is essential to guide and enhance curriculum content classroom instruction, and classroom assessment. School district personal analyze both the content and instruction of the current curriculum to identify gaps, and as needed, restructure the current instructional program. The Core Curriculum provides all schools with the three essential characteristics of a quality instructional program: 1) guaranteed and viable curriculum,
2) data-driven processes, and 3) evidence-based practices and methodologies.


Intended audience for the Leadership Development Series is


                 Building Administrators

                 Building Leadership Teams

                 AEA staff

                 Representatives from higher education


Session One: January 7, 2009

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