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Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association Honors Robert Baldes

November 11, 2004

The Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA) recently honored Robert Baldes, Coordinator for the Speech-Language Pathology Department at the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency in Bettendorf, Iowa. He was honored for his distinguished contributions to the field of language and hearing. The award is the highest honor an ISHA member can receive from the Association. In the Association’s fifty years of existence, only twenty-one members, including Robert Baldes, have received the prestigious award. The last award was presented in 2000.

In order to receive the award, nominees must be long-term members of ISHA in good standing. In addition, nominees must have a sponsorship member and co-sponsorship from an individual who previously received honors from the Association. Nominees are known throughout Iowa for their significant contributions in the field. Contributions may include: innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching, and dedication to the professions of language, pathology and audiology, or other distinguished lifetime professional activities.

Robert Baldes has made numerous contributions to the profession. His contributions include Coordinator for the Speech-Language Pathology Department at the Mississippi Bend AEA where he supervises fifty-five Speech-Language Pathologists in the AEA Nine region. Robert Baldes served as President of ISHA for two years and served for eight years on the Executive Committee. He received the ISHA Fellow Award in 1987 and is currently Director of the ISHA Foundation. He has also been involved in many statewide speech-language initiatives including chairing the Speech-Language Leadership Association and the Treatment Outcomes Project Workgroup, developing and maintaining a Statewide Speech-Language Speakers Bureau, and obtaining Scottish Rite Grants for expanding services to preschoolers with communication disabilities.

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