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Kansas University Learning Strategies

November 13, 2006

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) offers training on the Kansas University Learning Strategies which are designed to help low achieving students learn "how to learn" and be able to find academic success with grade level curriculum. These strategies have been researched for over twenty years and over 55 million dollars have been spent to demonstrate their effectiveness.

The learning strategies are designed to facilitate independent learning. The skills that students learn through strategies instruction can be used for lifelong learning. A learning strategy is a person's approach to learning a task. It is the way a person thinks and acts when planning, executing, and evaluating performance on the task and its outcome.

There are numerous strategies. The Learning Strategies Curriculum is grouped under three strands. The acquisition strand is composed of strategies that help students to acquire knowledge. The storage strand helps students remember what they have learned. The expression and demonstration of competence strand are strategies that help students demonstrate their successful acquisition of knowledge.

The Learning Strategies Curriculum is designed for students in middle and high school, but some of the strategies have been successfully implemented at the upper elementary grades. Students need at least third grade level skills to experience the higher levels of success reported out in the research. But, those with skills lower than third grade can still benefit from Learning Strategies Curriculum with instruction in a simpler strategy or prerequisite skills being provided first.

Strategies instruction meets the current needs to demonstrate accountability. Students are pretested, post tested, and given maintenance assessments. The average instructional time for a student to reach mastery on a strategy is eight weeks. Students reach mastery when they are able to successfully demonstrate strategy implementation on grade level materials.

For more information concerning the Learning Strategies Curriculum, call Tete Long, Interim Director of Special Education, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, (563) 344-6201 or (800) 947-AEA9.

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