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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 14) April 13, 2007

April 13, 2007

  Slow Week at the Capital

Legislative rules precluded the Senate from taking action on SF 277, the Teacher Quality Bill this past week. The rules dictated that only bills of the opposite chamber could be debated. The Senate most likely will debate the bill and the changes passed by the House early next week. It is expected that the Senate will accept many, but not all of the House amendment. If so this would necessitate the bill returning once again to the House.

Bill Watch List

At this point in the session we are still carefully watching the progress of the following bills:

  • SF 277 – Teacher Quality
  • SF 447 & HF 534 – Sharing Incentives/Sharing Stud
  • SF 62 – DE Cleanup Bill
  • SF 350 & HF 877 – Early ChildhoodBettendorf
  • SSB 1332 – Education Appropriations
  • Standings Appropriations (not yet introduced) – will contain any adjustments to past AEA funding reductions.

Note: In the bill status below all bills no longer eligible or bills that have received a new number have been removed. If any of the removed bills become eligible again they will be added to the list.

*Denotes bills having a direct impact on AEAs
Bold italics indicate a change in status or bill number from the previous report

Bill Explanation Status


Bill Explanation Status
SF 61 Antibullying Bill Signed By Governor
SF 62* Dep’t of Education Cleanup Bill Passed Senate – On House Debate Calendar
SF 109* FY ’09 Allowable Growth Signed By Governor
SF 128 Cigarette Tax Hike Signed by Governor
SF 228 Instructional Support Levy Change In Ways and Means Cmte
SF 277* Teacher Quality Legislation Passed Senate – Passed House w.amend. Back to Senate.
SF 350* 4-year Old Preschool Programs On Senate Debate Calendar
SF 397 Counting of Foreign Exchange Students in Certified Enrollment Referred to Appropriations Committee
SF 413 Fair Share – Public Sector Passed Senate – On House Debate Calendar
SF 447* Sharing Incentives/Sharing Study Passed Senate
SF 464 Changes in 9-12 PE Requirements Referred to Appropriations Committee
SSB 1332 Education Apprpriations Bill Passed Senate Approp. Cmte
HF 317 Fiscal Phase II Visits Signed By Governor
HF 468 DE Study of a Statewide Student Information System Signed By Governor
HF 534* Sharing Incentives/Sharing Study Passed Approp. Cmte – To full House
HF 555 Cigarette Tax Hike (Became SF 128) Signed By Governor
HF 611* Human Growth and Development Curriculum Changes Passed House. Passed Senate
HF 615 Changes to BOEE Membership Passed House - Passed Senate
HF 670 Practitioner Teaching Assignments/Review of Accred. Standards Re-referred to House Approp. Cmte
HF 714 ICN Course Supplemental Weighting Re-referred to House Approp. Cmte
HF 755 AP Exam Fee Funding Re-reffered to House Approp. Cmte
HF 816 School Attendance Task Force and Appropriation In House Approp. Committee
HF 841 Task Force on pk-16 Articulation Passed House - Passed Senate Ed. Cmte.
HF 854 Statewide One Cent Sales Tax – SILO In House Ways and Means Cmte.
HF 877* 4-year Old Preschool Programs

Passed House – To Senate

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