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Legislative Report (Vol. XXVI No. 8) February 28, 2007

February 28, 2007

Due to the fact that it has been a slow week thus far, also that the legislature is anticipating adjourning earlier than usual because of the threat of bad weather and because my computer needs some work, I am sending out the update this week early to bring you up to date.

Teacher Quality

First a further explanation from the last report. The $70 I wrote of for teacher quality refers to $70 million and it is over and above the past appropriations to bring the total to approximately $140 million. The bill as amended in education committee has been given the new assigned number of SF 277. However as reported to the administrators earlier this week there was a mistake in the drafting of the amendment relating to including AEA staff. The language in the amendment did the opposite of what they had intended. It is the intent of the legislature to include AEA staff in this program and they will correct the mistake during full debate on the floor.

Since the bill includes an appropriation it was rereferred to the Appropriations Committee and must be passed by that committee before full debate can take place on the floor of the Senate.

Other Bills Rereferred to Appropriations

A couple other bills reported on last week that we are watching have also been given new numbers and rereferred to the House Appropriations Committee. HF 527, the preschool bill and HF 534, the sharing incentives bill. Bills that come out of the appropriation committees are not subject to the legislative funnel rules and may be debated at any time during the remainder of the session.

First Funnel Date Next Week

The first legislative funnel date takes affect the end of business on Friday, March 9th. By that date all bills, with the exception of funding and tax bills, must be out of the committee of origin to remain eligible.

Senate Files

SF 277 – Formerly SSB 1118 – Teacher Quality

Senate Study Bills

SSB 1275 - This bill prohibits public school districts and nonpublic schools from scheduling parent-teacher conferences on the same day as a general election, which is defined in Code section 39.1. By Schoenjahn

SSB 1276 - This bill directs the state board of education to adopt rules that establish a model core curriculum and core content standards. The bill appropriates $1.5 million from the general fund of the state for fiscal year 2007-2008 to the department of education for implementation of the core content standards and expansion of the model core curriculum. The funds do not revert at the close of the fiscal year but may be used in the subsequent fiscal year for the purposes designated. By Schoenjahn

House Files

HF 527 – Formerly HSB 115 - Creating a statewide preschool program for four-year-old children.

HF 530 - This bill requires school districts to add training for school superintendents and other school administrators to identify gifted and talented students in the program plans that school districts submit as part of the school improvement plans required pursuant to Code section 256.7, subsection 21, paragraph "a". By Cohoon

HF 533 - This bill requires that all school buildings constructed after July 1, 2007, have an automatic sprinkler system. The bill requires that school buildings in existence on or being constructed as of July 1, 2007, have automatic sprinkler systems installed on or before July 1, 2012. Schools that already have an automatic fire extinguishing system installed pursuant to Code section 100.39 are deemed to be in compliance with the automatic sprinkler system requirement. By Shomshor

HF 534 – Formerly HSB 114 – Sharing Incentives

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