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Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency Restructures

July 1, 2009

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is restructuring to better serve Area Nine school districts. The Mississippi Bend AEA is one of ten area education agencies in the state created by the 1974 Iowa Legislature to ensure all children have equal educational opportunities. AEAs serve as intermediate units providing educational services to local schools. The Mission of the Mississippi Bend AEA is to improve teaching and learning for all students through active partnerships and assertive leadership in a climate of mutual respect.

In the quest for continuous improvement, the Mississippi Bend AEA conducted an audit to determine the adequacy of the current structure and processes for meeting its mission and goals. The outcome indicated that our current system restricts work. Although we are serving the Area Nine schools well, we could be serving them better and restructure is necessary to truthfully maintain our mission.

The new structure will help assure that the Agency’s staff serves schools and districts in a consistent and coherent way that produces intended results, and that the services are integrated and customized to fit unique needs of each school/district. The restructure goes into effect July 1, 2009, and includes three groupings referred to as “Platforms”.

Chief Administrator, Dr. Glenn Pelecky, is responsible to the Agency's Board of Directors for development and delivery of regional programs and services to more than 56,000 public and private school students. Through regular meetings with local district superintendents, staff, and board members, the Chief Administrator strives to be responsive to local district needs, to requests for services and information, and is available for consultation on administrative and legislative concerns.

The Integrated Services Platform is led by Dr. Kristine Wolzen. Integrated Services is the result of combining our former General Education and Special Education Divisions. Integrated Services provides expertise through programs and services that meet expectations outlined by the state for AEAs, while meeting the needs of our schools through effective and efficient delivery and evaluation of results. This Platform change represents our most significant adjustment in the restructure. Having these divisions join forces makes us more effective at improving instruction for all students.

The Support Services Platform is led by Dr. Tom Wirtz. The purpose of the Support Services Platform is to act as an advocate for internal and external customers, and provide quality leadership, services and resources through proactive communication partnerships and support. This Platform provides Human Resources, Business Office Services, Communications, Environmental Services, Print, Information Technology, Maintenance, Van Delivery, Legal Cooperative, and the Learning Center to schools and Agency employees.

The Evaluation and Market Research Platform is led by Dr. Edward Gronlund. Evaluation and Market Research is responsible for facilitating the development of district service plans, the development of an accountability system, and a full scall test of the ASAP delivery system.

The Mississippi Bend AEA is looking forward to serving our customers through an improved system. For more information or questions please contact Pat Kirkland at 563-344-6403 or at

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