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Non- Violent Crisis Intervention

January 22, 2009

Non-violent Crisis Intervention Renewal certification must be updated every year for school building employees.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how people might respond if someone in their care became disruptive or assualtive. Yet, human service providers face challenging behavior and potentially dangerous situations every day. How someone responds greatly determines the safety of everyone involved and profoundly impacts the relationships with those in their care.
The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency offers a Non-violent Crisis Intervention program, developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). This course not only teaches to respond effectively to the warning signs that someone is beginning to lose control, but also addresses how staff can deal with their own stress, anxieties and emotions when confronted with challenging situations.
Questions? Contact Dawn Meier, Executive Secretary, (563) 344-6411, For more information visit the Mississippi Bend AEA home page at

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