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Perkins Grant Consortia

December 11, 2008


Recently, Congress reauthorized the Perkins Act. Perkins funding supports the development and implementation of effective career and technical education programs. Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA) is working with local high schools and the Eastern Iowa Community College District to develop five-year Perkins grant applications. Mississippi Bend AEA currently facilitates four Perkins consortia grants: a) Andrew, Bellevue, Calamus-Wheatland, East Central, Northeast and Preston; b) Camanche and Central; c) Bettendorf, North Scott and Pleasant Valley; and d) Bennett, Columbus, Durant, Louisa-Muscatine, West Liberty, and Wilton.  These schools have allocations below $15,000; therefore, the U. S. Department of Education requires these districts to form consortia. Clinton, Davenport, Muscatine, and Maquoketa have allocations above $15,000 and these districts develop their own grant application. Mississippi Bend AEA and the Eastern Iowa Community College District are partnering to identify collaborative ways to work with area high schools to provide area students access to high quality career and technical educational programs.
The Perkins Act application is a narrative describing action steps to improve student performance; thus, students have the readiness to pursue post-secondary opportunities. The program performance indicators for students participating in high school career and technical education programs are: reading/language arts attainment rate; mathematics attainment rate; technical skill attainment rate; students receiving a diploma and graduation rate; postsecondary, military, or employment placement rate; nontraditional program participation rate by gender; and nontraditional program completion rate by gender. High schools are developing action steps to strengthen career and technical education programs through curriculum development, teacher professional development, teacher recruitment/retention activities, technology enhancements, and modernizing programs. School districts, Mississippi Bend AEA, and Eastern Iowa Community College District have formed a collaborative partnership focusing on supporting area career and technical education programs that ready and prepare area high school students for high-skill, high-wage, and/or high-demand occupations that lead to self-sufficiency.
Furthermore, Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency and the Eastern Iowa Community College District have been partnering on Perkins efforts as well as the community college district’s Tech Prep regional efforts. Multiple planning sessions will occur this winter and spring to support all high school principals and career and technical education program teacher efforts to complete their Perkins grant applications. For further information about Perkins grants please contact: Dr. Edward Gronlund, Mississippi Bend AEA,
(563) 344-6315 or

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