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Poverty training program offered to area school districts

March 22, 2006

The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency provides Poverty Training program to local schools to better help faculty understand generational poverty. The Poverty Training program covers areas of language and culture, as well as inclusion of successful strategies that will positively affect the students throughout the participating school districts.

Local districts participating in the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency’s Poverty Training are Camanche Community School District, Durant Community School District, Maquoketa Community School District, and Muscatine Community School District. All participating districts use the training strategies in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

The initial training program provided by The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency was conducted by the Ruby Payne staff, individuals who specialize in the understanding of children dealing with generational poverty. This full day training program included all staff members in the participating school districts. Several half day follow up programs are conducted with the schools by The Mississippi Bend AEA. According to Helen Snell, the curriculum director for the Maquoketa Community School District, the program is being well received throughout the schools.

Students of generational poverty benefit from The Mississippi Bend AEA’s Poverty Training program because it carries the opportunity for educators to implement essential cognitive strategies that will allow students of generational poverty better organize the material they are learning. Diane Campbell, assistant principal at Muscatine High School, notes how important these cognitive strategies are in providing a better learning environment for those students of generational poverty. With these kinds of strategies in the classroom, students dealing with generational poverty will have the opportunity to accelerate their learning level to the level of other students, therefore, closing the achievement gap.

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