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Principals' Leadership Academy Offers Unique Opportunities to Area Principals

May 27, 2008

Principals face unique issues and demands. The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency Principals' Leadership Academy helps members build professional knowledge, skills and expertise through professional development by nationally known experts and networking with colleagues.

Three content sessions provide a solid base for leadership. Data-driven decision making guides participants in assessing standardized testing in the classroom. This provides a framework to make adjustments in the school plan.

Principals attend three content sessions. The first involves advanced data-driven decision-making. Participants learn to improve their school's plans by correctly assessing standardized testing in the classroom, how to make adjustments to their school plans and create realistic building goals.

The second content session teaches participants to communicate using compelling conversation. Principals are given a framework to influence the potential of each teacher in the building. It helps them connect leadership, teacher decisions, and student data through individual, team, and whole-school communication.

The last content session enables participants to identify effective teaching and support individual teachers' needs. The support includes understanding in order to accept new, effective practices and unlearn other deep seeded beliefs.

Principals who have participated in the academy say that direct results have been the ability to implement changes needed for improved student achievement, improved distribution of responsibilities to ensure all tasks are completed, and enhanced school culture.

To learn more about the Principals' Leadership Academy contact Georgie Koenig, Head of Professional Development at the Mississippi Bend AEA, 563-344-6487 or

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