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Regional Invention Convention Winners

March 9, 2005

One hundred seventy-one student inventors from kindergarten through eighth grade shared their inventions at the regional INVENT, IOWA! Invention Convention on Saturday, February 26, 2005, at the Family Museum of Arts and Science in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Sponsored by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, the regional INVENT, IOWA! Invention Convention is an educational program, which teaches students in grades K-8 creative problem solving that can be applied to a variety of real problems. The invention process is a multi-disciplinary one which requires students to use several academic skills in combination - reading, library research, field research, science and technology, creative and critical thinking, writing, art, and persuasive speaking. Financial support for the regional program is provided by the R.J. McElroy Trust and the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development.

The following students were chosen to represent our region at the State Invention Convention to be held in Ames, IA, on April 30th.

Grade 3:

Name School Program
Ally Hammell (Louisa - Muscatine Elementary) Digital Alarm Clock Glare Guard
Madison Temperly (Neil Armstrong Elem - Parkview) The Napshade

Grade 4:

Name School Program
Kyle Perkins (Armstrong Elem. –Bettendorf) Folding Flyer
Sam Ruchotzke (Grant Wood Elem – Bettendorf) Salt Shovel
Karina Foster - Middleton (Paul Norton Elem –Bettendorf) Super Pan Lock
Carrie Wells (Grant Wood Elem. - Bettendorf) Retractable Pom - Pom
Amanda Leslie & Hannah Lindeman (Alan Shepard - Long Grove) Hot Coat
Gretchen Mohr & Anna Boffeli (Alan Shepard - Long Grove) Comfort Cape
Mackenzie Locey (Paul Norton Elem. – Bettendorf) Perfect Pill Dispenser

Grade 5:

Name School Program
Hannah Thomsen (Riverdale Hts - PV District) The Zip Chip Bag
Angela Edwards (Paul Norton Elem - Bettendorf) Hold - A - Dog
Anna Fry & Kaylee Huber (Hoover Elem - Bettendorf) Flotten Sheets
Jordan Eaton & Samantha Molck (Grant Wood Elem - Bettendorf) Holiday Tree Scents
Joel Deere (Hoover Elem – Bettendorf) The Helping Handle
Amanda Malin (Grant Wood Elem – Bettendorf) Epi - Pack
Grant Lang (Bridgeview Elem - LeClaire) Grant's Cooler Sorter
Molly Roup (Bridgeview Elem - LeClaire) Old Molly's Cocoa Wonder
Dylan Staggs & Tony Talbert (Buchanan - Davenport) Play and Groom
Scott Dean (Louisa - Muscatine Elementary) The Boot and Shoe Puller
Molly Bonderer (Armstrong Elem. –Bettendorf) Auto Reader 2005
Jason Stuart & Kyle Akker (Pleasant View Elem - PV district) Double Guard
Becky Hixon & Laura Welser (McKinley Elem – Davenport) The Pill Spill

Grade 6:

Name School Program
Zoe Zell (All Saints Catholic - Davenport) Info Gloves
Marina Ramirez & Abbey Wilson (Columbus Middle - Columbus Jct) Reed Flavoring Spray
Austin Lane (Preston Elem - Preston) Hired Hand
Lindsay O'Keefe (Williams Int. - Davenport) No Spill Meal Dea

Grade 7:

Name School Program
Angie Barr & Petra Hahn (Sudlow Int. – Davenport) A Quarter Past Fun!

Grade 8:

Name School Program
Elyssa McFarland (Columbus Middle - Columbus Jct.) Turn Feeder

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