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Statement from Director Glass on reported testing improprieties at Davenport's Madison Elementary School

April 24, 2013

DES MOINES, IA – Iowa Department of Education Director Jason Glass today released the following statement about reported testing improprieties at Madison Elementary School in the Davenport Community School District:

“Accurate assessment data help all of us do our part to improve student learning in Iowa. Tampering with test data only serves to shortchange our students and to undermine the honest work of dedicated teachers. We take the integrity of state testing data very seriously, and so do the vast majority of school administrators and teachers across Iowa.

“The Davenport Community School District first notified the Department in March that there was a concern of possible cheating on the state assessment at Madison Elementary School. The school district notified us this week that the allegation was substantiated during a district-level investigation, but that the district had not determined who was responsible.

“The Iowa Department of Education is obligated by state law to report alleged testing misconduct by licensed school employees to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. As such, I have directed the Davenport Community School District to submit all investigatory materials, evidence, and reports relevant to its investigation of Madison Elementary School to the Iowa Department of Education for further review. Based on this review, I will determine whether it’s appropriate to file an ethics complaint with the Board of Educational Examiners. The Department reserves the right to conduct further investigations as necessary.

“In addition, because these test results are used for accountability purposes under the federal No Child Left Behind law, a decision must be made as to whether some or all of Madison Elementary School’s test results will be invalidated, an action that could affect the school’s ability to meet Adequate Yearly Progress state targets for participation and proficiency under No Child Left Behind.

“Finally, I have notified the Scott County Attorney’s Office of this issue for potential further investigation.”


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