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Statement from State Board of Education President Rosie Hussey on Director Glass

May 22, 2013

DES MOINES – Rosie Hussey, president of the State Board of Education, issued the following statement about an announcement today that Iowa Department of Education Director Jason Glass was selected as the next superintendent of Eagle County Schools in Colorado:

“Director Glass has fundamentally raised the bar for education leadership at the state level in Iowa. When you have a visionary state director of education like Director Glass, it’s not surprising that others would want someone of his experience and talent.

“Director Glass has worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork necessary to restore Iowa’s standing as a leader in education and to prepare all students for success after high school. Together with the Governor’s office, Director Glass constructed bold education reform plans that are right for Iowa and are based on lessons learned from the highest-performing education systems in the world.

“At the same time, Director Glass has moved the Iowa Department of Education’s role far beyond oversight and compliance to one of leadership, innovation and service to Iowa.

“In Director Glass, Iowans found an education leader with the courage to do what it takes to make meaningful, lasting improvements to the education system. 

“However, dramatically improving Iowa’s schools is a long-term, systemic effort that far transcends one individual.

“On behalf of the State Board of Education, I express my sincere appreciation to Director Glass for his excellent leadership and professionalism. We wish him the very best as superintendent of Eagle County Schools in Colorado.

“We also look ahead with hope and optimism as we build on the foundation he has put in place.”

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