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Carl Perkins and Tech Prep

Program Leader/Contact:
Shane Williams
Educational Services Administrator
Phone: 563-344-6351

Consortium Perkins Budgets/Expenditures

Perkins budgets are grouped by consortium and give both consortium totals and budget/expenditures for individual schools. (These web pages will be updated monthly, showing expenditures and remaining balances.) For individual school figures, please select your consortium below:


Andrew (includes Andrew, Bellevue, Calamus-Wheatland, Easton Valley, Northeast)

Bettendorf (includes Bettendorf, North Scott, Pleasant Valley)

Camanche (includes Camanche and Central Community)

Western (includes Bennett, Columbus, Durant, Louisa-Muscatine, West Liberty, Wilton)

Data Entry Form for EICC Articulated and Dual Credit Courses

As part of receiving Perkins funds, high schools in the Mississippi Bend AEA must be reporting to Eastern Iowa Community College student enrollment data for all students enrolled in articulated or dual credit courses with EICC. This will be done through the Perkins Tech Prep program leader in one of three manners:

  1. If your school is using eSIS, provide course identification numbers to the program leader who will download the enrollment data at the AEA.
  2. If your school has its own computerized student information system, print out enrollment lists, including social security numbers, if available, for each articulated or dual credit course and give to the Perkins program leader.
  3. On-line entry: Schools with limited enrollment in articulated or dual credit classes, or schools who want to enter students missed in the other lists (1 & 2 above) because of class adds etc., may enter data on a protected website database. (You will need a password and your school’s four digit number to view or enter data on this site—contact the Perkins/Tech Prep Program leader at Mississippi Bend AEA)


CTE programs and staff in Consortium High School Programs

These links are an ongoing effort in 2004-2005 to list the CTE staff, programs and articulations in each of the consortium school districts in the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency region. Please click on the appropriate school:


  • Andrew  
  • Bettendorf  
  • Bennett
  • Camanche
  • Bellevue
  • North Scott
  • Columbus
  • Central
  • Calamus-Wheatland
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Durant
  • Easton Valley
  • Louisa-Muscatine
  • Northeast
  • West Liberty
  • Wilton

Iowa Dep. of Education and other Career and Technical Ed. Links

Material on the DE site is sometimes hard to find. Here are annotated links to files that would be of interest to career and technical education, including statewide articulation guides and review materials for DE on-site school visitations. Also listed are some links to professional organizations such as IACTE and national department of education career and technical education sites.

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