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Smaller Learning Communities (SLC)

Program Coordinator:
Tedra Sue Holland
School Services Facilitator
Phone: 563-285-3448

Program Overview:

A smaller learning community is an environment in which a group of teachers and other adults in the school know the needs, interests, and aspirations of each student well, closely monitors each student’s progress and provides academic and other supports that each student needs to succeed.

The purpose of the Smaller Learning Communities (SLC) program is to support the creation or expansion of small, safe and successful learning environments in large public high schools with the absolute priority to help all students succeed in rigorous academic courses. At the end of the five year grant cycle it is the intent that all students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to transition successfully from junior high to high school and from high school to post-secondary education, vocational-technical training or the workforce.

Program Goals:

  1. Improve academic achievement and social outcomes for all students through the use of research-based strategies and interventions.
  2. Prepare all students for a successful transition to high school and from high school to post-secondary education, training or the workforce.
  3. Provide staff with ongoing professional development aligned with research-based instructional strategies and SLC best practices.

Program Activities:

  • Freshmen House
  • Block Schedule
  • Advisory
  • Guided Study Hall
  • Student Assistant Teams
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Common Assessments
  • Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
  • Accelerated Learning Strategies and Interventions
  • Professional Development

District Served: North Scott High School - Tedra Holland (AEA) has been contracted by North Scott CSD to be their smaller learning communities coordinator. Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Manage the implementation and evaluation of the SLC project.
  • Develop protocol and procedures for the SLC project.
  • Coordinate professional development activities
  • Facilitate Steering Committee meetings
  • Facilitate Building Leadership Team meetings
  • Coordinate data collection and analysis
  • Prepare reports with evaluator and project director

Funding Source: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Funding Period: This is a five year grant cycle which began in August of 2005 and will end in July 2010.

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