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The Board Room - Career and Technical Education

The Region 9 Career and Technical Education Planning Partnership was established to assist school districts in providing an effective, efficient, and economical means of delivering high-quality secondary career and technical education programs. As required under Iowa Code chapter 258 and 281 – Iowa Administrative Code chapter 46, the partnership will:

  • Provide for the active participation of all the local school districts (Districts) and community colleges in the delivery of career and technical education in the region.
  • Provide for the participation of employers, the area education agencies, and representatives of sector partnerships and community stakeholders.
  • Promote career and college readiness through thoughtful career guidance and purposeful academic and technical planning practices.
  • Promote high-quality, integrated career and technical education programming, including career academy programs, comprised of secondary exploratory and transitory coursework to prepare students for higher-level, specialized academic and technical training aligned with labor market needs.
  • Afford students the opportunity to access a spectrum of high-quality work-based learning experiences through collaboration with a work-based learning intermediary network.
  • Provide for increased and equitable access to high-quality career and technical education programs through planning and development of partnerships, regional centers, or other methods of CTE delivery.
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