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Helen Duranleau-Brennan
Quality Learning Consultant
Phone: 563-344-6454  

Art: Davenport
Kay Hall
Phone 563-336-5030

Music: Davenport
John Bernatz
Phone: 563-336-3820

Drama: Davenport
John Bernatz
Phone: 563-336-3820

DE Consultant
Rosanne Malek
Phone 515-281-3199
FAX 515-242-6025

Program Description:

  1. To include content area representation to teachers of fine arts,and by providing staff development opportunities and/or information of such.
  2. To provide fine arts teachers with information concerning current programs of interest, specific to their area of fine arts.
  3. To increase student achievement in and through the fine arts.

 2016 NAEA National Convention

National Arts Advocacy Day

General Art Web Sites: [May include visual arts/ music/ drama]:

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