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English as a Second Language

Regions of the World and World Languages. This site provides a worthwhile collection of ESL resources. It contains links to foreign language resources and geographical and cultural information in addition to ESL activities.
MidAmerica Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Immigrant Students in U.S. Secondary Schools) Study published by the Urban Institute in December 2000
This resource is designed to help elementary school teachers organize their classrooms and instructional activities in order to increase achievement of Hispanic primary-grade children whose first language is not English. The guide offers a curriculum plan, instructional strategies and activities, suggested teacher and student materials, and assessment procedures.
This site is loaded with handouts that are helpful for teaching ESL, including complete course outlines, teaching guides, printable worksheets, exercises, and puzzles.
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
A monthly web journal containing articles, research papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas and links.
Teaches colors, letters, numbers, shapes and more in both English and Spanish.
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