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The equity coordinator(s) should be responsible to ensure that the process of recruiting underrepresented students recruit underrepresented students into their courses and programs occurs, and that staff are able to speak to the results. Student achievement in math, reading, and science are to be collected and reported in a disaggregated fashion by gender, race/ethnicity, disability, English language learner status, and socio- economic status and used when making instructional or climate related decisions.

Issues in Gifted and Talented Education 
Keeping your finger on the pulse of best practices in the field of gifted education or current events that are driving instruction across the country isn't always easy. Let us help you by pulling together ideas and resources all in one convenient location. Our current hot topics include:

Equity in Gifted Education
Students who are limited English proficienct, disabled, or from minority or low-income backgrounds have been overwhelmingly underrepresented in advanced classes and programs for students identified as gifted.

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