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Session One: Modules 1 & 2

Session One Modules 1 and 2 (PDF)
Iowa Core Overview (PDF)
Leadership Processing Chart (DOC)
Skills and Behaviors of Leadership Team Members (PDF)
Leading Schools: Distinguishing the Essential from the Important Article (PDF)

Session Two: Modules 3 & 4

Session Two Modules 3 and 4 (PPT)
Frayer Poster (PDF)
Teaching for Understanting Definition (PDF)
Teaching for Understanding (PDF)
District Self Study Guide (DOC)

Session Three: Modules 5 & 6

Session Three Modules 5 and 6 (PPT)
Assessments 'of' and 'for' Learning (PDF)
Carousel Cheat Sheet (DOC)
Carousel Poster (DOC)
Ferreting Out Formative Assessment (DOC)
Screening Assessment Definition (DOC)
Deep Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge (PDF)
Essential Concepts and Skill Sets (DOC)
Essential Concepts and Skill Sets (PPT)
Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum (PDF)
Video Reflection (PDF)
Creating Learner Centered Schools: Dreams and Practices (PDF)
Student Centered Classrooms (DOC)
Vignette Document (DOC)
Vignette Form (DOC)


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