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What are Learning Supports?

Learning Supports:  Strategies, programs, services, and practices that are implemented to create conditions and environments that promote student learning

Learning Supports:

  •     Promote healthy development for all students
  •     Prevent problems for students at risk
  •     Provide interventions early after the onset of problems, or address the complex, intensive needs of some students

Learning Supports: Structure for organizing, understanding, and selecting research-based interventions intended to address the needs of students who encounter barriers that interfere with their learning at school

Iowa Department of Education and Learning Supports

The Department of Education’s guiding document, “Developing Iowa’s Youth Initiative – Investing in Iowa’s Future” assists Area Education Agencies and school districts in selecting and implementing Learning Supports.



Link to Department of Education Learning Supports page:


Learning Supports at Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

Learning Supports at MBAEA includes strategies, programs, services, and practices designed to meet the social, emotional, and physical safety needs of all children. MBAEA can assist schools in choosing and implementing research-based Learning Supports to help remove barriers to learning for their students.

Learning Supports in Local Districts and Schools

Learning Supports are documented in Outcome Two of the Iowa Core (IC).

Iowa Core Leadership teams are asked to consider the system a Learning Supports when completing the Iowa Core Self Study and Continuum Mapping Tool, which documents programs and services for students and families throughout the six content areas for Learning Supports.

The six content areas for Learning Supports are:

  1. Supports for Instruction
  2. Family Supports and Involvement
  3. Community Partnerships
  4. Safe, Healthy, and Caring Learning Environments
  5. Supports for Transitions
  6. Child and Youth Engagement

Data Collection for Learning Supports:

Iowa Youth Survey:

Iowa Department of Education: Iowa Youth Survey Reports and Data Analysis Tools

Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency's On-line Learning Supports Survey


Jill Yates
Consultant – Project Design and Development

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