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CPI: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Program is a safe non-harmful, behavior management system designed to aid staff members in maintaining the best possible care, welfare, safety, and security for agitated or out of control individuals even during their most violent moments.

The initial training provides staff with a philosophy of care, welfare, safety, and security in a framework for problem solving. Annual refresher courses review the core concepts of non-violent crisis intervention.

Two components of training focus on a Crisis Development Model and Verbal Escalation Continuum.

The CPI Crisis Development Model describes a series of recognizable behavior levels an individual may go through in a crisis, and corresponding staff attitudes/approaches used for crisis intervention.

The Verbal Escalation Continuum is a model demonstrating a variety of defensive behaviors which are often seen when individuals are in the defensive level of crisis development. This model includes suggested staff interventions for each behavior.

For more information contact:

Jill Yates, Consultant – Project Design and Development

Link to national site:
Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc.

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