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Program Overview

The Mississippi Bend Science Team is dedicated to offering customized professional services that meet the needs of individual districts, buildings and classrooms.  Our goal is to partner with you to ensure a rigorous universal core that is designed to bring out the scientific potential in every student.  

Why is science important?  Science, engineering, and technology permeate nearly every facet of modern life, and they also hold the key to meeting many of humanity’s most pressing current and future challenges (A Framework for K-12 Science Education).  Learning to think scientifically allows us to solve everyday problems more effectively and gives us the critical thinking skills to make quality decisions.

Please contact a member of the team if you have questions regarding:

  • Iowa Core Standards

  • Understanding Science Content

  • Engaging Science Education Pedagogy

  • Instructional Coach Supports for Science: schedules, observations, feedback

  • Developing a Focused Professional Development Model

  • Systematic Implementation of Professional Development


Mississippi Bend AEA Science Contacts

Tammy Askeland-Nagle 
Focus Area Consultant
Phone: 563-344-6414

Tom Ervin
AEA 9 IAS Science Representative
21799 282nd Avenue
Le Claire, IA 52753

Iowa Department of Education Science Consultant
Eric Hall 
Iowa DE Science Consultant
Iowa Department of Education
Des Moines, IA
Phone: 515-971-7238

Science Google Site

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