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Space TechScientific Living--a program piloted in 2004 through a partnership with the Mississippi Bend AEA, WQPT, and Modern Woodmen of America--provides teachers access to short, downloadable science videos for use in the classroom.

The 20 episode series takes students on a journey through space, exploring cosmic structures from the Sun to Black Holes. Students will also be able to learn about the technology used to learn about our solar system, as well as controversial topics, i.e. the Big Bang Theory, alien life, and time travel.

This series, designed to meet NSES Standards, serve as a great jumping off point for lessons. As they are only 2-minutes, they are perfect for embedding or linking to in PowerPoints and/or IWB lessons. A script of the narration, a discussion guide, and related links are included with each video. Teachers can use the provided guide to for ideas for supplementing their lessons with these quick-to-access, easy-to-use resources.

Julie Larson

Media Technology Consultant

Terms of use: This program is licensed solely for use within the greater Illinois-Iowa Quad Cities metropolitan area, and is protected under federal copyright laws.

In Iowa, that area includes the entire service area of the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (AEA #9). Any distribution of the program outside AEA9 is prohibited.

In Illinois, the licensing area includes schools in Rock Island, Mercer, Henderson, Warren, Bureau, Henry, Stark and Whiteside counties.

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