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1. Mysteries of the Sun

Has different levels for different age groups.
Explains bumps on Sun.

2. Saturn's rings

Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for different age groups.
Teachers; older students. Lots of good links.

3. Comets & shooting stars

Spacecraft that study comets. Info grades 6-12

4. Mars life

Good article. Grades 6-12.
Fun article grades 6-12. Also has more links.

5. Why the Earth turns

Good NASA article. Grades 4-12.
Great graphics for all ages. Good overview for grades 6-12.
Highlights role of women in this science research. Article grades 8-12.

6. Mission to Titan

Fun NASA site on Cassini mission.
Info on Titan.

7. Galaxies

Can adjust level for different age groups. Excellent site.
K-8; uses activities to explore galaxies

8. Colliding galaxies

Grade 6-12. Story and pictures describe possible collision in store for our own galaxy.
Grade 6-12. Great picture of colliding galaxies. Links.

9. Black holes

Can adjust level for different age groups.
Good Q & A about black holes for older students.

11. Pulsars

Info on pulsars. Links.
Scroll down to "Pulsar Sounds" and click one of the buttons. Highly recommended.

12. Space Shuttle

Commercial site, but very good.
NASA home page for Shuttle info.

13. Hubble Space Telescope

Can adjust level for different age groups. Great site. Links.

14. Space travel

Great NASA site. Full of resources. Grades 6-12.

15. Space Station

Start page for Space Station info. Lots of links.

16. Time machines

Explains "light year." Grades 4-12.

17. Big Bang Theory

All age groups. Can change "level" for different age groups.

19. Dark matter

For grade 6-12
Can adjust for different age groups, K-12.

20. Alien life

"PlanetQuest:" Good site dedicated to new planet discoveries.
Good start page about the search for intelligent life. Includes link to popular software that allows your own computer to join the search for "E.T."
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