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AEA9 Google Sites

Google offered all the AEA & districts in Iowa free Google Apps for Education. Our AEA registered an AEA Google Apps domain, and all the Google sites created in public accounts that AEA staff created have been moved over to our AEA Google Apps domain. There are many benefits to having the sites moved to our AEA Google Apps domains:

  • More Space: AEA Google Apps domain offers 100 Gigabit (total) shared between all sites
  • More Google Site options: we can standardize on templates
  • More sharing options
  • Centralized management: If a staff member forgets their password, we can reset it for them

Our Google Sites AEA domain address is:  You will be prompted for your username and password. Your username is the first initial of your first name and full last name with no space; for example: John Smith would be jsmith

*If you have a personal Google account and you have previously logged on to that account, you will need to log out. Then use the address above to logon to our AEA Google account.

Click here to access Google Apps Training Videos!

The video links are located right below the Google logo on the home page of our intranet. You will be prompted for your network username and password.

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