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Production Services

Media Production Services are located in the media center and are available to the public by walk-in or appointment. Please email or call us at 563-344-6225 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

The equipment can be used free of charge, however there are charges for consumable items, such as lamination and paper. Teachers are welcome to bring their own paper and spiral binders or purchase materials at the Media Center for use with the equipment.  

Price List

Photocopy 6₵ per image
Spiral Binders 15₵ each
Buttons 30₵ each


Below is a listing of the available lamination films. We only keep the 27” 1.7 mil laminator ready, so if you require another type please call 563-344-6225 ahead of time. Machines take 10 minutes to warm up.

12” wide 1.5 mil pre cut 20₵ per sheet
12” wide 5 mil pre cut 50₵ per sheet
27” wide 1.7 mil glossy 35₵ per foot
27” wide 3 mil glossy 45₵ per foot
27” wide 1.7 matte 65₵ per foot
40” wide 1.7 glossy 65₵ per foot
40” wide 3 mil matte 95₵ per foot


25” Paper Cutter

Punch & Bind Machines

Badge-A-Minit Button Maker (30₵ per button)


Please email or call us at 563-344-6225 if you have any questions.

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